Turning Up the Juice in the Jolly Lobe

The next step, of course, is to move from simply observing the existing brain-wave patterns and using them for diagnosis to using mind machines actively to alter the patterns. As Davidson pointed out, “If you learn to regulate your negative feelings better, it may turn out that you have also learned to turn up the activity in your left frontal lobe.”

It should not be clear that the earlier exercise—in which we contorted the right side of the face to produce positive emotions or good feelings—is one technique for turning up the activity in the left frontal lobe. We know that the brain is cross-wired with the body, so that the left hemisphere is linked to the right side of the body. Thus, by forcefully activating the right side of the face, it seems we are also activating the left side of the brain, the side associated with positive feelings.

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