Sound: The Heartbeat of Life

Mommy Sounds

Humans have always been enthralled by the effects of rhythmic sounds and aware of the mind-altering and brain-wave entrainment effects of rhythmic noises. After all, the first sound any of us hear, and perhaps the most powerful and evocative memorable sound, is the rhythmic booming of blood through our ears as we rest inside our mothers.

Humans were quick to find ways to duplicate this evocative rhythm and many others. In fact, it could be argued that the rhythmic use of sound to produce heightened states of consciousness may have been humankind’s first great development in mind technology. Think of the first proto-hominid who picked up a stick and pounded it on a hollow log. Boom. Then he or she did it again, and again and again, while the other tribe members turned, stared, sat, listened, and joined in, awed and amazed. What a mesmerizing power.

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