Scratching The Surface Of The Snow On The Tip Of The Iceberg

Benefits of Mind Machines

Part of the excitement on the subject of mind machines stems from the fact that brain-boosting technology is so new that while individual scientists are doing research in specific areas and applications, as yet no one has a sense of what its boundaries might be. Many scientists believe that we have only begun to scratch the surface—or as one researcher put it, “we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of the snow on the tip of the iceberg.” So far, studies by psychiatrists, psychologists, educators, therapists, physicians, sports trainers, educators, counselors, and other researchers and clinicians have revealed that these mind machines can:

“Exercise” The Brain to Make It Healthier and More Powerful. The physical fitness revolution of the last two decades has proven that the human body requires stimulation, challenge, and exercise to remain healthy. The scientific evidence makes it clear that lack of physical exercise leads to deterioration and illness: We must “use it or lose it.” Now a wealth of brain research is proving that the brain, like the body, requires stimulation and challenge to function optimally: that by “exercising” the brain, we can actually strengthen it, just as our muscles grow stronger from physical exercise. Evidence suggests that the new mind machines can provide the kind of stimulation, challenge, and novelty that can strengthen the brain, increase the actual size and health of its neurons, and produce peak performance, increased intelligence, and greater well-being.

Reduce Stress and Produce Deep Relaxation. Evidence shows that various mind machines can reduce levels of stress-related neurochemicals, dramatically reduce muscle tension, lower high blood pressure, show heart rate, soothe jangled nerves, and quickly produce whole-body levels of relaxation so deep that one neuroscientist has called this “the most profound relaxation ever experienced.”

Boost IQ. In several studies, subjects with learning disabilities have shown average increases in IQ of over twenty points and many raise their IQ by over thirty points. Other research suggests that the machines can also dramatically boost the IQ of normal, healthy users.

Enhance Creativity. Scores on several psychological tests that measure creativity show significant boosts in subjects using types of mind technology.

Accelerate Learning. In a variety of settings, subjects using mind technology have learned more, learned faster, and proven more adept at learning difficult and complex material than ordinary subjects.

Increase Memory. Mind machines have been proven to improve both long-term and short-term memory.

Increase Sexual Pleasure. By magnifying and intensifying sensory acuity, boosting the flow of the body’s natural euphoriants and sexually arousing biochemicals, and increasing brain-wave synchrony between partners, mind technology can transform sexual experience.

Produce Peak Performance States. Laboratory evidence and reports of professional athletes, musicians, stage performers, salespeople, and business executives suggest mind machines help induce the high efficiency, effortless “flow” states optimal for peak performance.

Eliminate Substance Abuse Problems. Stunning breakthroughs in treating addiction with mind technology are producing unprecedented recovery rates and seem on the verge of revolutionizing substance abuse treatment.

Overcome Depression and Anxiety. In a variety of studies subjects have eliminated their chronic depression or anxiety completely within a short period after beginning regular use of brain-stimulating devices.

Alleviate Pain. Mind technology has proven effective in eliminating or greatly reducing both chronic, intractable pain (in such conditions as cancer and arthritis) and transient pain (such as the pain of injuries, headaches, migraines, angina).

Boost Immune Function. Researchers are exploring the effects of mind machines on sick subjects (including those with AIDS, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, and cancers) and on healthy subjects, and on individual components of the immune system. They have found clear evidence that these devices can increase the power of the immune system to overcome existing diseases and boost its resistance to infection.

Change or Eliminate Unwanted Habits and Attitudes. Clinical evidence suggests that mind technology can produce profound and rapid personal changes, and personality transformations. They seem to do so by facilitating the release of painful memories or traumatic experiences and enhancing users’ powers to program and “rescript” their unconscious mind to eliminate negative or harmful habits or attitudes and replace them with positive attitudes and behaviors.

And this is just the beginning. Other studies suggest that we have not yet begun to understand the wide range of powerful life-enhancing benefits we may ultimately derive from brain technology. The use mind machines, many people now suggest, may have a more profound effect on our civilization than the development of the personal computer. In fact, many people believe that the personal computer is simply one type of mind machine, with its own capacities for boosting brain power and enhancing human performance.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about mind machines is how widely available, inexpensive, and easy to use they are. The preceding paragraphs, with their talk of research, scientists, clinics, and laboratories, may have evoked images of immense medical contraptions, found only in hospitals or university laboratories. But in fact, mind machines seem more like electronic toys than medical equipment. They look and feel like small computer games. Many are inexpensive, easy to operate, small in size, and sold widely through retail catalogs and stores. Most of all, they are fun.

Millions of individuals around the world are using these brain stimulating tools to reduce stress and expand their own mental powers. As they do so, they are finding that these new high-tech tools can quickly heighten their senses and make them smarter, more creative, more relaxed, and happier.

Are you skeptical? Doubtful that peak brain states can be produced so quickly and easily?

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