Peak Performance Brain Waves

Peak Performance Brain Waves

The Brain Revolution has been one of the most momentous events in human history. It’s still going on at a furious pace. Perhaps its most exciting development has been that for the first time scientists have been able to get right down into the brain and observe the action as it happens—and then look at it again in slow motion on the instant replay.

Like most of us, brain scientists are fascinated by extraordinary powers or peak experiences. They like to have such experiences themselves, and, of course, they’re keenly aware that scientific breakthroughs have been the result of scientists like themselves having such experiences. So, for many scientists, the brain event that they have observed with the greatest curiosity—the Super Bowl, so to speak—has been the peak experience event. What exactly happens in the brains of people when they are experiencing the non ordinary brain states that we call illumination, flow, enlightenment, waking up, peak experience? Neuroscientists have observed the brains of yogis, geniuses, artists, and meditators using such high-tech equipment as the EEG (electroencephalograph), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), PET (positron emission tomography), SPECT (single photon emission computerized tomography), and SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device), and watched in rapt attention as their subjects went through rapid state changes and entered extraordinary mental realms.

What they have found, and documented in literally hundreds of experiments, has been that these heightened states are consistently linked to certain very clearly defined events or patterns of activity in the brain. Among the most interesting of these events are changes in the brain’s electrical activity.

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