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Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last decade than in all of previous history, and the implications of the latest research are clear: The human brain is far more powerful, and has the potential for immensely greater growth and transformation, than was ever before imagined. These discoveries may constitute the most significant development in learning since the invention of writing.

Michael Hutchison captures all the drama, excitement, and adventure as we finally begin to comprehend the most mysterious and complex structure in the universe, the source of human culture, a still untapped reservoir of power and skills. He looks at the recently developed machines and devices that may soon allow us to increase brain size and intelligence; regenerate brain cells; trigger specific brain states such as euphoria, long- and short-term memory, sexual excitement, and creativity; and control the brain’s electrical activity in order to alter such “involuntary” mechanisms as blood pressure, heart rate, and the secretion of hormones. Megabrain is a lucid and lively account of where the pioneers in brain research are headed — and where they are taking us.

Editorial Reviews of the book “Mega Brain”

From Publishers Weekly

Strap yourself into the Potentializer, then rotate within an electromagnetic field to boost your brain’s alpha wave output and increase your mental powers. Is this science fiction? No, it’s a machine being used by certain physicians, psychiatrists, chiropractors, ministers and scientists. Some of them claim it helps subjects achieve deep relaxation and expand their learning abilities. Hutchison (The Book of Floating here maps the little-known world of “brain machines”computerized devices, neuroelectric stimulators and microelectrodes that, by some accounts, enable their adventurous users to undo creative blocks, recall long-past experiences and attain states of euphoria or meditation. The author also investigates methods for rapid learning, focusing encyclopedic memory and recall; biofeedback and flotation tanks are scrutinized as well…
Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal

Have we arrived at a time when we are able to improve mental ability by applying various kinds of stimulation to our brains and bodies? Maybe we’re moving there, but not yet. This is a breezy, information-packed description of recent work to develop devices to enhance cognition, evoke relaxation/meditation states, or inspire creativity. Science writer-novelist Hutchison has tried many of these devices Alpha-Stim, HemiSynch, etc. and is very excited. He warns there are no full scientific reviews for most of these devices; but stronger warnings about some possible ill effects epileptic seizure, emotional upset, mental confusion are in order. The author’s review of some recent neuroscience findings that inspired some of these machines is excellent. George Adelman, formerly Neurosciences Research Program, MIT, Brookline, Mass.
Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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