Mega Brain Power (book)

Contents of the book Mega Brain Power:

In this book we will explore an enormous array of mind machines and an assortment of powerful techniques and programs for using them to tune in specific brain states and to amplify the powers of the mind.

In Part I, “Tuning in Your ‘Other 90 Percent,’ ”we will look first at the brain. What goes on in it when we’re in a “peak performance” state? What makes it possible to alter the activity of our brain using external stimuli, such as a brain machine?

In Part II, “Access to Tools,” we’ll investigate the most effective mind tools currently available, explain how they work, describe what it feels like to experience them, and provide a “consumers’ guide.” This is not a “complete” guide, since there are hundreds of different mind machines now available, but one that point out to you which machines are the most effective, powerful, and reliable, and offer the best value for your dollar.

Part III, “From Your Brain to Megabrain: The Users’ Guide to Mind Machines” is the longest part and the central how-to core of the book. In it we’ll explore ways the mind machines can be used—not just passively experienced as instruments of pleasure and entertainment, but actively applied as immensely powerful tools to attain desired goals. In this part we will focus on using the brain machines to attain peak performance brain states and on using these peak states for such purposes as accelerated learning, athletic training, enhanced creativity, and much more.

In Part IV, “Brain-Powered Healing: Therapeutic Uses of Brain Tools,” we will focus on how using the machines for self-improvement and therapeutic applications, including relief of pain, weight loss, smoking cessation, and treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, anxiety, and depression.

In Part V, “Brain Power Nutrients and Smart Pills,” we will explore the rapidly advancing field of psychopharmacology: the growing array of brain nutrients and cognition enhancement pillars, or “smart drugs,” that are legal and, when used correctly, safe. We will describe a variety of these nutrients that have been scientifically proven to produce immense increases in brain power and explore how they can be used in combination with brain machines for even greater effectiveness.

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