Making The Brain Crickets Chirp

Is It Possible to Make the Brain Smarter and Faster?

The lawyer’s desk is covered with files, her phones are jangling. She’s working on a deadline. She tells her secretary to hold her calls. From her desk drawer she takes a small, black electronic device the size of a paperback book. She sits back, attaches a small clip to each earlobe, slips on earphones and what look like opaque sunglasses, closes her eyes, and presses a button on the console. An array of lights flicker inside the goggles. She feels a pleasant tingling in her earlobes that spreads through her brain. She hears mesmerizing pulsating tones. She sees a kaleidoscopic swirl of bright, unearthly colors, and sinks into a state of deep relaxation and revery. Vivid mental images begin to appear….

Fifteen minutes later she sits up, removes the glasses, earphones, and ear clips. She is tingling with energy, refreshed, and deeply calm.

Her brain is now functioning far more effectively than it was before.

Her memory has increased dramatically. She has a higher IQ. Her intelligence, creativity, and ability to solve problems and assimilate new information have all expanded. Her brain’s processing speed has increased, and her brain cells have forged new, richer interconnections.

Her body is now profoundly relaxed.

Her blood pressure and heart rate have been reduced. Her immune system is functioning more effectively. The levels of adrenaline and other stress-related substances in her body have decreased. Her resistance to stress has now increased.

She is now smarter—and healthier—than she was fifteen minutes before.

Sounds like a science fiction movie. But it’s actually a scene repeated each day in hundreds of thousands of homes, offices, and clinics. Mind machines seem futuristic, but in this case the future is here today.

These high-tech brain tools exist now, and hundreds of rigorous scientific studies have proven beyond doubt their capacity to enhance mental functioning, boost brain power, and quickly produce peak performance brain states. New evidence of the enormous powers of brain machines is emerging at an accelerating rate. As this book is being written many scientists are engaged in groundbreaking research into the effects of these brain-tech systems, and their reports reveal a growing sense of excitement, a feeling that brain technology represents something truly unprecedented.

Dr. Siegfried Othmer, a researcher and clinician who uses mind tech in his clinics to treat thousands of clients with learning disorders, recently told me:

The results we’re getting are not just unprecedented, they’re revolutionary. The implications are incredible—our brain research can have incredible effects not only on learning disabilities but in improving human brain power across the board. We’re finding that not just learning disorders, but also depression, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, virtually every mental disorder is basically caused by a lack of coherence in the brain. And by using these machines, we can restore the brain to that optimal coherent state. It sounds like hyperbole, but it has to be said—what we’re finding can change the lives of everyone on the planet!

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