Light/Sound or LS Machines

Since the EEG machines worked so well, I decided to start adding some new things. I was aware of lots of research indicating that machines with stroboscopic flashing lights (called light/sound or LS machines) could actively alter brain waves and cause the brain to produce the desired alpha or theta waves, or even the more rapid, energizing beta waves. So I began experimenting with LS machines. Sometimes I would flash myself down into the alpha and theta ranges. (I would wear the EEG electrodes, and the chirping of the crickets and locusts proved that the LS machines were indeed getting me into the desired alpha and theta ranges.) Other times I would speed up my brain waves into the energizing beta range. I found these high-frequency ranges could produce unique brain states—sharply focused, clear, hyperalert. After a while it hit me that I was feeling smarter. Could it be that somehow these alterations in my brain waves were boosting my IQ, pumping up my memory?

I seemed to recall some research suggesting that flashing light machines in the beta frequencies could improve learning. I began a voracious reading of the research, and found that clinicians were now using flashing light machines to stimulate these high-frequency brain waves and producing average IQ increases of over twenty points and in some cases over thirty points. Some of the scientists were suggesting that the IQ increases might stem from increased growth of brain cells.

This triggered my memory of studies I’d read years before proving that for memories to become permanent in the brain, there had to be a process of nerve cell growth—protein synthesis—involving RNA. If something interrupted that protein synthesis, new memories did not get formed. Hmmmm. I was reminded of some papers I’d just read suggesting that one reason CFIDS caused such cognitive problems and loss of memory was that it disrupted protein synthesis and inhibited RNA—and thus inhibited the formation of new memories—in the brain.

By coincidence, I did an interview with a leading researcher of cranial electrostimulation (CES), who told me that CES not only increased learning, memory, and IQ in human subjects, but seemed to work by stimulating protein synthesis. He also cited studies showing that CES stimulated the release of nerve growth factor (NGF), which protects brain cells and helps them grow, thus boosting intelligence, learning, and memory.

I pulled out a CES unit that had been sitting in my closet for months and began using it an hour a day, often in combination with light and sound devices. A scientific paper arrived in the mail from a researcher suggesting that EEG biofeedback training increased protein synthesis and the growth of nerve cells in the brain. I received word from another researcher that the flashing light machines had been proven to increase growth hormone—which would, among other things, improve protein synthesis in the brain.

Suddenly all these things began falling together. I was using flashing light, I was altering my brain-wave activity, I was using electrical brain electrical brain stimulation and EEG biofeedback: My memory was improving and my brain was coming awake again. I could feel my neural pathways pulsing with nerve growth factor, my brain cells churning with protein synthesis. I was alive again, with the excitement of being in pursuit of something new—new information, new insights. Hey, I should write about this, I thought. And I began to write a book.

I called up the researchers and they told me about their work. I went to visit with some of these therapists who were having unprecedented successes in using brain machines clinically to treat learning disorders, drug addiction, dyslexia, stroke, brain damage, posttraumatic stress disorder, and much more. They taught me what they were doing, and I went home and tried out their techniques. I explored ways of combining and streamlining their techniques with new types of mind machines.

One afternoon I emerged from a deep theta state. I heard a strange noise. I pulled the flashing-light goggles off my face, removed the CES electrodes from my ears, took off the headphones through which I had been hearing binaural beats, and sat up, becoming somewhat tangled in the wires of EEG sensors still strapped around my head and noticing I was still being bathed in the red light of my Biotron Projector unit at the foot of the bed, while my negative ion generator blew tangy air across my face . . . and I realized what the odd sound was: a friend stood in the doorway, convulsed with laughter.

“I’m sorry, Mike,” she said. “I’m not laughing at you, it’s just that you looked like . . . like . . .” She gave up trying to describe and dissolved in laughter.

Yes, I may have looked silly, but hey, I was really relaxed. And my brain was cooking. I was plugged in.

I began laughing too. “These things work!” I cried, waving my arms amid the techno-rubble, while she clapped her hands and laughed. My brain was ticking like a fine Swiss watch. Nerve growth factor and protein synthesis at work. I was bursting with ideas. I had emerged from the abyss. I was alive, and filled with desires to become increasingly so.

How do they work? And how can you use them so they work for you? That’s why I wrote this book [Mega Brain Power].

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