In loving memory of Michael Hutchison 1945-2013

A dedication video by Thom Hartmann




  1. Gen says:

    An amazing man, an amazing mind.. I’m very greatful for the work he has done in this world. I hope he has found even more bliss in the next world. RIP Mr Hutchison.

  2. Raj Bapna says:

    I am grateful for what Michael Hutchison wrote. Mega Brain and Mega Brain Power are still very relevant today even after quarter of a century. I pray that he’s at peace in his next journey.
    My condolences to his personal friends and family.
    Everybody in my family will miss him.

  3. Mark Lane says:

    THANK YOU Michael for the book of Floating.
    Float on dude!

  4. Donnell Holness says:

    I only learned today, 18/10/2013, that Michael passed. I just want to express my gratitude to him here, because his amazing books: Megabrain and Megabrain Power have set me on an amazing path of self discovery and helping others with some of the brain technologies of which he wrote so eloquently. I am quite sad at his passing but very happy that he attained the BIG GOAL towards the end of his life.

  5. Bryan says:

    Thank you Michael , you changed my life with your insights and well done research .
    Happy floating !,,,,

  6. Daniel Longworth says:

    I just learned today that Michael has moved to a better place. He was a friend of mine and we worked together in 1989. I found a hand written letter from him to me, asking me to “join him.” I regret being too busy to “join him.” He was a genius. I’ll miss him very much. I learned a tremendous amount from him. God bless him.

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