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Michael passed away on 22 July 2013.

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Message from the editor

I first met Michael in May 1991 when I visited his office in Sausalito, California and purchased my first mind machine from him.

We got in touch again in 2011 and decided that I make his work available on Amazon Kindle and create this blog.

Michael talked on Skype with me and also wrote many touching emails about his life, health challenges he was facing, and the upcoming new book during this period.

Michael: We’ll all miss you very much. RIP.





    Hi, Michael,
    I read your book on flotation a couple of years ago and was previously aware of you as being an expert on mind machines. At the time I read your book on flotation, I read on-line that you had been almost incapacitated by an accident. Otherwise, there was no recent news of you. Happy to hear you are better. I was very impressed by your book on flotation, but am kind of waiting for my meditational progress to plateau before I spend the money on going to a local place near me and very near Cleveland where I can use a flotation tank for an hour. I am a VERY long term meditator (40+ years), and it seems like my meditational progress accelerates as I age, so I may actually never plateau.

    Somehow stumbled recently upon books/youtube videoson/by Gary Weber, a research management executive who has achieved enlightenment, then stumbled upon electromagnetic mind machines somewhat related to Harvard neuroscience research Weber had talked about.
    What do you think of the 8 coil Shakti, 32 coil Shiva electromagnetic mind machines? This seems to be an advance in technology from the earlier light and sound technologies. Shakti Technologies also offers a monyback guarantee, which is nice.

  2. Linda Johnson says:

    Hi Michael.

    I’m a long term fan, have your books and copies of the full set of Megabrain Report sitting on my bookshelves.. I read about your accident, wished I lived closer. I’ve learned so much about the body and rehab from your publications unleashing new interests in me. Team that shamanic state with a bunch of devices, and the world moves.

    I started reporting about CES and the Bob Beck rife design on a small health related email list I’m on. I can’t find pdf’s of these articles from Megabrain Report on the internet. I wanted the stories of CES and the Rife story and schematics for these people. There is so much marketing language out there now, it’s hard to come up with real information. I have a string of success stories from these two technologies. We built the Rife device from the schematic and own two versions of Beck’s ces device, an old one and a new one built by Sota.

    Then I came across your new website. Congratulations!!!!

    Please forgive me, I’m in editor mode, but on your new site I’d like to read something about how these Kindle books are related to your original books. Updated? New material? What, exactly. I went to Amazon and tables of contents were excellent. But for old fans of yours, are these new? Story always helps sell.

    Also, across the years, every few years I would go hunting for new things you’ve done that I didn’t know about yet (like now). I could never quite remember how to spell your last name and often got it wrong. I’d try a few other spellings and would come up with different search engine results, just like today. Megabrain Report Huchinson didn’t kick up your new website. Maybe you could link the most popular misspellings of your name to your new site. Many websites out there link to you with these same various misspellings.

    blessings and best wishes,
    Linda Johnson

  3. Rav says:

    i send and receive without using a computer….

    please add me to your email list

    looking forward to the enlighten’d book

  4. Mark says:

    God Bless and Bon Voyage. I hope you have found peace and completeness. You are now dancing in flowers with all you love..

  5. Barbara Barg says:

    Just heard of Michael’s passing last night. Thank you, Michael for all you have taught and given to us over the years. RIP (Rock Involution Pal)

  6. Vladimir says:

    Hi Raj, I am looking at reading one of the two Mega Brain books and was wondering which you recommend? I am looking at improving my brain in all ways. I was wondering if there is any overlap of content between Mega Brain Power and Mega Brain.

    Thank you Raj

  7. Warren says:

    I just found out that he passed way. I read books and followed his advice. I have made my own machines based on his books, Wow very interesting results back then. I don’t know if I’d do it again..

  8. Abusalih says:

    add me in your mail list

  9. steven edelman says:


    I’m looking for a copy of the mega bvrain deep relaxation audio- either cd or tape


  10. Felix says:

    Rest in peace Michael.

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